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Full Spectrum CBD Gummies 500 mg

Full Spectrum CBD Gummies 500 mg

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Description: Our CBD Gummies are so easy to take. Besides that, they just flat out taste good. Ever tried non-flavored hemp extract? It's a bit "earthy," but these little treats are as mouth-watering as they are beneficial. In fact, our infused gummies are the perfect way to get your daily cannabidiol for a variety of uses and applications. They are easy to carry and perfect for those on the go.

 Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Food Starch, Natural Flavor, Soy Lecithin,  FD&C Color (blue 1, yellow 5, yellow 6, red 3, and red 40).

Full Spectrum
 CBD Gummies 500

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CBD Gummies


CBG Gummies

Delta 8 Gummies

Delta 9 Gummies


HHC Gummies


HHC Gummies


CBD Flower

  • Special Sauce (Indica)
  • Bubba Remedy (Hybrid)
  • Bubba Kush (Indica)
  • Lifter (Sativa)
  • Silver Haze (Sativa)
  • Sour Tsunami (Hybrid)
  • Blue Genius (Hybrid)
  • Elektra (Hybrid)
  • Hawaiian Haze (Sativa)
  • Sour Space Candy (Hybrid)

Delta 8 Flower


HHC Flower


Delta 8 Pre-Rolls

HHC Pre-Rolls

Disposable Vapes

CBD Disposable Vapes

  • Lemon Haze Disposable CBD Vape (Sativa)
  • Gelato Disposable CBD Vape (Hybrid)
  • Birthday Cake Disposable CBD Vape (Indica)

Delta 8 Disposable Vapes

HHC Disposable Vapes

Vape Carts

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Delta 10 Vape Carts

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Delta 8 Extracts

  • Delta8 THC Dab Sauce Syringe - Lemon Jack (Sativa)
  • Delta8 THC Dab Sauce Syringe - Kandy Kush (Indica)

HHC Dabs


CBD Oils

Delta 8 Oils

  • Delta8 THC 1:1 Tincture Oil


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kenny Trusnik
Delicious and Effective CBD Gummies for On-the-Go Relief!

I recently discovered the Full Spectrum CBD Gummies 500 mg, and I must say they have exceeded my expectations in every way possible. These little treats are not only incredibly tasty but also packed with the goodness of cannabidiol (CBD).

Tabitha B.

Relaxing and healing

Diana A.

Helps keep my anxiety in check! Great flavor!

Kathy R.

Most effective CBD I've used for sleep.

Leilani C.

I liked the gummies a lot! They helped me relax & sleep well. However, it doesn’t say online that there is THC in them, although a very small amount. I was under the assumption that they were 100% CBD as I can’t have THC. So a bit disappointed with that, but other than that, they were good.

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