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HHC Hemp Flower - Lemon Octane

HHC Hemp Flower - Lemon Octane

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Lemon Octane is the most aesthetically pleasing buds out of them all. Bright green buds with yellow highlights, giving you that strong citrus and sour gas smell. It’s a great strain to try if you want something with a perfect balance of both energy & relaxing. It also helps promote mental clarity relieving any racing thoughts or anxiety. Some use this strain to pick up their creativity, some use it to help them sleep. Lemon Octane is an overall player in flexibility on what you would like to do.

Effects: Creative, Calm, Relaxed

Benefits: Stress relief, Anti-Anxiety, Anti-inflammatory, reduces muscle spasms, aids sleep

Terpenes: Bisabolol (anti-inflammatory), Caryophyllene (anti-bacterial), Limonene (anti-anxiety)


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Customer Reviews

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Eli B.

I had never tried HHC weed before now. I recently quit smoking regular weed you get off the street. I have been smoking CBD and Delta 8, 9, and 10 products. I ordered the HHC thinking it would be closer to my regular old THC weed. It is a good smoke, but I say it’s more comparable to regular CBD than it is to Delta 8. The Delta 8 infused CBD from Green Post made me feel a lot more relaxed and at ease than this HHC stuff. It might be the strain. I’d be willing to give it another try with a different strain. This one gives me a little bit of a head high and feels like it relaxes my body’s muscles and whatnot. But it definitely doesn’t relax my brain. I feel very awake too, it must be energizing.

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